Why Tipsy? Why Gardening?


Posted by: Lee Gaines

This project/website feels like one thing — Inevitable.

  • Parental firm belief that if you can grow it you should.
  • Meeting a man with a green-thumb, and a good heart.
  • Making a friend during a hard times in your life. No matter how much time passes when you start talking again you pick right up from where you left off.

All these things are the basis of Tipsy Gardening. It has always felt like the universe just wants me to be in the garden. Whether it was my dad scolding me on how to hold a shovel as a kid, my mother sharing bulbs with me as an adult, or meeting the best party girl ever who broke my dark moods and made me feel bold, and sexy, and ready to take on anything the world had to throw at me.

A garden is more than a place where just plants grow. It's a place where your soul grows. A place that is quiet enough to hear your own thoughts and realize - "Oh, my goodness. Gin is a garden in a bottle, and no two gardens are a like."




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