Tipsy Cocktails

Tipsy Tigerís Tail

A perfect choice for a sultry, summer afternoon in the tropics.

The Indian aromatic floral, and spice notes of Tanquery's Malacca Gin served as inspiration for this cocktail.

Tipsy Fruity Gin & Tonic

Add a splash of fruity color to your G&T

Getting tired of a plain ole G&T? Paula and Lee have some quickie pointers on making your next one beautiful and "fruitiful" with Nolet's Gin.

Tipsy Coconut Mojito

You put the lime in the coconut and you shake it all up.

Time to re-think what a Mojito can be by adding the deliciousness of coconut.

Hpnotiq Snow Cone Cocktail

"Vive la Liberte" and a big patriotic hug for creating this beautiful blue concoction

America and France celebrate their liberty in July which makes Hpnotiq's combination vodka, cognac, and fruit juices a great way to celebrate Freedom.

Tipsy Raspberry Daiquiri

How about a big splash of raspberry red for the 4th of July?

Beat the summer heat, and treat your 4th of July guests with this delightfully fruity and colorful cocktail.

Tipsy Sparkling Red, White, and Blue

A fruity vodka cocktail with a splash of soda and colorful ice

Get all your patriotic colors in one cocktail by adding ice cubes filled with raspberries and blueberries.