Billbergia Pyramidalis

(Flaming Torch Bromeliad)

Photo Credit: Tipsy Gardening

Why carry a torch when you can plant it?

The Flaming Torch Bromeliad isn't a showy plant most if the year. However, it's beautiful bright green stalks are just waiting to wow you in the summer.

A perennial, clump-forming stemless bromeliad plant, they are adaptable, growing well in soil and in trees. When on the ground, they quickly create large clumps, and when planted at the base of a tree, they will slowly will climb the trunk. The lightly serrated, bright green, sturdy leaves form a central cup that keeps water, organic debris and insects as they provide extra nutrients to be absorbed by the plant.

The thick, red (almost fuchsia), torch-like flowers on an individual plant last less than one month, but nearly all of the plants will come into bloom at the same time in the late summer or early autumn in some growing zones. The flowers have small violet tips when inspected closely. They do well in sun or shade, but prefer light soil if planted in the ground or pots (more peat and sand than soil).

Be ready to share

Once this bomeliad gets going you may have more than you bargained for so at least once a year plan to thin them out and share the wealth.


  • Growing Zone: 11
  • Sun/Shade: Partial to Full Shade
  • Type: Perennial
  • Height: 12 to 18 inches 
  • Spread: 18 to 24 inches
  • Flower: Late Summer