Tipsy Apple Pie Cocktail

A chilly cocktail to warm your heart.

All the deliciousness of Apple Pie à la Mode, in a in a double old-fashioned (DOF) glass.


2 oz. Apple cider
1½ oz. Cinnamon Apple Vodka (Infuse Spirits®)
1 well rounded tablespoon of whipped cream
1 Apple wedge for garnish
1 dash Nutmeg for garnish
Cinnamon sugar for rim


Swipe the rim of your DOF glass (low ball) with a wedged of apple, and then dip in a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

In a cocktail shaker combine: Vodka, cider, whipped cream, and ice. Shake gently till well chilled, and pour over ice into garnished DOF glass. Sprinkle on a dash of nutmeg.