Tricolor Hoya

(Porcelain Flower or Wax Flower)

Photo Credit: Tipsy Gardening

Hoyas make lovely additions to porches and patios. They love the partial shade and have beautiful vines of thick (waxy) leaves that produce umbrella like clusters of flowers in the late summer. Add lots of peat moss to your potting mix or consider using an orchid potting medium that is lose and water daily in the summer months. Like a parrot plan on having this plant around for a long time if properly cared for. I've had mine for almost 20 years, so I may just have to put it in my will to leave to someone.

If that someone is you be sure to send us a comment using the message option on this website.


  • Sun/Shade: indirect light (can be grown indoors)
  • Type: Evergreen
  • Flower: Late Summer