Mansoa Alliacea

(Garlic Vine)

Photo Credit: Tipsy Gardening

Mansoa alliacea, or garlic vine, is a hearty vine that will grow onto and cover just about anything. Stand too still in your garden and it might cover you.

It has the name garlic vine for a reason - its fragrance. So, if you have a vampire problem having this covering the fence of your front gate just might make that problem go away. It loves full sun with a tropical/sub-tropical climate preference. It is an evergreen so you will have bright green, lush leaves year round. It blooms several times a year with cascading flowers in lavender and white that will put any Prom Night corsage to shame. 

Once established it can get by on only weekly watering even in Florida's intense summer heat.

It is edible and safe to add as decoration on food and has been said to have medicinal qualities.

It can be grown from cuttings, so if you see some growing on a neighbors fence consider pinching off a bit to start your own. Of course it wouldn't hurt to ask before doing so. ;-)


  • Growing Zone: 9-11
  • Sun/Shade:  Full Sun
  • Type: Evergreen
  • Flower: Spring and Fall