Get Tipsy

Explore the world of Tipsy Gardening.

Cocktail Time

Whether for a party or just for chilling in the garden we've got you covered.

Tipsy Tigerís Tail

A perfect choice for a sultry, summer afternoon in the tropics.

The Indian aromatic floral, and spice notes of Tanquery's Malacca Gin served as inspiration for this cocktail.

Tipsy Fruity Gin & Tonic

Add a splash of fruity color to your G&T

Getting tired of a plain ole G&T? Paula and Lee have some quickie pointers on making your next one beautiful and "fruitiful" with Nolet's Gin.

Tipsy Coconut Mojito

You put the lime in the coconut and you shake it all up.

Time to re-think what a Mojito can be by adding the deliciousness of coconut.

In The Garden

Whether big or small there's always room for more beauty in your garden.

Photo Credit: Tipsy Gardening

Billbergia Pyramidalis

(Flaming Torch Bromeliad)

Want to add some pizzazz under that boring shade tree in your yard? For your consideration - the Flaming Torch Bromeliad

Photo Credit: Tipsy Gardening

Euphorbia Tithymaloides

(Devil's Backbone)

A naughty addition to any garden this succulent is as crooked as they come.

Photo Credit: Tipsy Gardening

Callicarpa Americana

(American Beautyberry)

This Southern native is often confused as being poisonous. Not only is it not poisonous, but it makes a delightful jelly as well as syrup.

Like what you see here? Well, we've got more now and more coming. Get the dirt on more beautiful plants for your garden.

Feeling Thirsty?

After a hot day in the garden try cooling down with some of these concoctions.
Of course if you can't wait till all your gardening chores are done before indulging we won't tell.